Bubble tea, Bubble waffles, Milkshakes, Juices, Smoothies, Raw and Vegan deserts 

TRAINING COURSES - Bubble tea, Bubble waffles, Milkshakes, Juices, Smoothies, Raw and                                             vegan deserts

All training courses are available: suomeksi, in english or v slovencine & v cestine

Our tailor-made solutions help you overcome your challenges in business.

Every solution we provide is based on proven expertise and a core understanding of the unique demands faced by your business. This pioneering approach to problem-solving allows us to keep one step ahead of our competitors.

Learn everything you would need to know about making quality Waffles, Bubble tea, Milkshakes, Juices, Smoothies & Raw, Vegan Deserts  at events or in an outlet. Learn from Raw chef and smoothie-making & catering expert Jana & the team, & gain valuable experience & a real insight about the professional catering industry. 


Where are you based?

Our address is: Solluna Oy, Savonkatu 22, 74100 Iisalmi, Finland - the nearest airport is Kuopio, which is 85km from Iisalmi. From Airport you can take taxi or we can arrange for you a lift from Kuopio airport. It is an extra charge.

How long do your courses last?

This depends on which course you attend. Generally speaking, a Bubble tea course will last 3-4h, waffles 1-2h, Juice, 1.30h, Smoothies 3-4h, Milkshakes 1.30h, Raw and vegan deserts 4-5. All the courses are contained within 2 days. For course 'bundles', open each bundle below separately to find out how long your course will last. Also, starting time is always 9am so make sure you make the necessary arrangements to stay around here the night before if needed.

What is the course like? What do we learn?

All of our training workshops are 'hands-on' courses & include theoretical & practical modules, Q&A sessions, recipe & menu suggestions, margin & cost calculations, plus advice on equipment & supplies. They also include invaluable knowledge on portion control, health & safety, food hygiene & of course what training day would be complete without trying out all of your wonderful creations?

Do I need to book in advance?

Booking is essential as demand is always high. Make sure you book your space early to avoid disappointment!

Do you provide lunch?

Yes we do. And god do we eat well. In fact, trainees usually cook their OWN lunch with whatever skills they've learnt. more often than not, we improvise with whatever we have in the studio (spinach, eggs, mushrooms, ham, cheese, chicken, turkey, or else!), and we also get to finish with a dessert crepe or waffle, depending on preferences! So fear not, you'll be well fed over here!

Are you sure I can learn everything within two days?

Yes. You will have to practice a lot more obviously, but our aim is to provide you with the best basics ever. And you will not pass the door unless you are very good, trust us!