Bubble waffle course

Price for one person is 300€, 2 people 330€, 3 people 350€ 


Waffle Making Training Course Schedule:

Learn the true art of commercial waffle-making with our Waffle Making Training Workshop, led by Jana Komova.

The course usually runs from 9.30am- 12:30pm, starting with a coffee & some insider knowledge about business setup & equipment (be it for mobile or fixed outlets). Our aim is to gather a very good understanding about your own timescales for setup, your business model, profit & loss forecasts, kitchen/stall design, menu design & branding etc. We then proceed to the practical modules, learning how to make waffles professionally & the art of making & turning crepes.

Of course, everybody is different & while some trainees may possess a natural flair for waffle-making, it may take others a bit more practice. We are proud to offer a fun & relaxed environment for all of our trainees, helping you master all the necessary techniques & answering all of your questions. Furthermore, the training doesn't just end there! We are always a phone-call or an email away to answer any queries & offer as much support as you need.

Crepe-Making Training Workshop Duration: Approx 3-4 hours

This course lasts 3 hours.


  • Presentation of equipment, accessories & methodology
  • Trade secrets
  • Batter mix preparation
  • Waffle making
  • Portion control
  • Cleaning & maintenance of equipment
  • Recipe suggestions, menu design ideas
  • Margins & cost calculations
  • Advice on supplies and full quotation on equipment, POS, supplies etc.


  • Use of our bespoke Pancake & Dessert Studio training facility in Iisalmi
  • Expertise from renowned experts in the industry
  • Use of all mixes, ingredients & clothing
  • Lunch & refreshments throughout the day
  • Recipe list
  • Profit margin summary

Courses dates:

2.7. 2019, 18.07.2019, 3.08. 2019, 12.8. 2019, 28.8. 2019

300.00 €