Price for one person is 370€, 2 people 410€, 3 people 430€

Waffle Making & Milkshake Training Course Schedule:

Learn the true art of commercial crepe-making & waffle-making with our Waffle Making Training Workshop, led by Jana Komova. Included in this booking is an accompanying Milkshake Training workshop where you can learn the science and skills necessary to make luxurious & delicious tasting milkshakes the way they are supposed to be made.

The course usually runs from 9.30am-14:30pm, starting with a Waffle & some insider knowledge about business setup & equipment (be it for mobile or fixed outlets). Our aim is to gather a very good understanding about your own timescales for setup, your business model, profit & loss forecasts, kitchen/stall design, menu design & branding etc. We then proceed to the practical modules, learning how to make waffles professionally & the art of making milkshake.

Of course, everybody is different & while some trainees may possess a natural flair, it may take others a bit more practice. We are proud to offer a fun & relaxed environment for all of our trainees, helping you master all the necessary techniques & answering all of your questions. Furthermore, the training doesn't just end there! We are always a phone-call or an email away to answer any queries & offer as much support as you need.

Our  Waffle & Milkshake Training Course covers:

  • Advice on set-up, kitchen design, branding etc.
  • Presentation of equipment, accessories & methodology
  • Trade secrets
  • Batter mix & drinks preparation
  • Waffle Making & Milkshake Making
  • Portion control
  • Cleaning & maintenance of equipment
  • Recipe suggestions & menu design ideas
  • Margins & cost calculations
  • Advice on supplies & full quotation on equipment, supplies etc.

Included in the price are:

  • Use of our bespoke Pancake & Dessert Studio training facility in Iisalmi, middle of Finland
  • Expertise from renowned experts in the industry
  • Use of all mixes, coffee & milkshake ingredients & clothing
  • Lunch & refreshments throughout the day
  • Recipe list
  • Profit margin summary
  • Quotation document

NB/ When booking a Waffle-Making Training Course with us, make sure you tell us at checkout whether or not you intend to include SWEET or SAVOURY crepes in your menu or BOTH. This will help us buy the right food for the training session! Many thanks.

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